This is a short survey to qualify parties who would like to be affiliated with HELiOS EXCHANGE as professional project developers.
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Organization Name *

Organization Size *

States you operate in *

How many energy audit do you complete per year? *

Helios encourages Project Developers to be credentialed ICP Project Developers, as defined by the Investor Confidence Project (

Is your organization an ICP Credentialed Project Developer?

If not:

Does your organization retain, either on staff or under contract, a licensed Professional Engineer or AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Does your organization have work experience and professional references demonstrating 5 years of relevant industry experience?

Does your organization carry insurance for error and omissions, with a minimum of $1MM coverage?


Experience of Firm.   General experience in energy-related and performance agreement services.  Please provide a minimum of 3 references from past projects.

Scope of Services.   Please list range of services offered by your organization, e.g. engineering, project management, commissioning, monitoring and verification services offered.

Personnel Information.  Please describe the qualifications and relevant experience of your staff in various areas of energy services, e.g. engineering, energy audits, project management, contracting, energy modeling, commissioning, measurement & verification, etc.

Industry Segment Experience.  Please describe your industry areas of experience by specific property type, sizes and retrofit types (i.e. whole building retrofits or equipment specific retrofits)

Thank you for taking this survey. We will contact you about the results.

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